Our Fee

Age Acc Consultation
Non Funded (without CSC) Non Funded (with CSC) Enrolled and Funded
0 - 12 yrs $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
13 - 17 yrs $37.00 $51.00 $42.00 $38.50
Above 17 yrs $44.00 70.00 $53.00 $46.00

Materials will incur an additional charge

Extra 15 mins $70.00 per 15 min
Script Fee $20.00
Faxed or mailed script $25.00
Forms $20.00 minimum
Housecall (in addition to consult cost) $100.00
Nurse Service $21.00
Blood Pressure by Nurse $6.00
Liquid Nitrogen (additional to consult charge) $12.00 to approximately $30
Surgery $250.00 to $300 per 15 minutes
ECG $46.00
Immigration Medical- we do not provide this service $0.00
Ear Syringe $24.00
Cervical Smear (nurse) $41.00
Pregnancy Test (if negative result) $15.00

Overdue accounts will be passed onto the collection agency Baycorp. This will result in an additional minimum administrative fee of $30.

When paying your account online please include your NAME as a reference. The bank account details are National Bank: 06 0169 0140236-00.

Enrolled and funded patients under 13 yrs old do not pay a consult charge for ACC and normal consults. Material/report and casual patient charges still apply. There will be no charge for prescriptions.
Non ACC consult fees for patients aged 18-24 are slightly less than above stated fees under 'above 17 yrs'
CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME PATIENTS: 1 hour \ $280, 1/2 hr follow up approx $140. (less $15 if you have a community services or high users card)
Late cancellations (less than 48 hours) and missed appointments will be invoiced at 50%.
Fee for surgery above is minimum -please ask the doctor for a quote.
Liquid nitrogen charge is a minimum of $10, more will be charged for if more than one lesion treated.
Cervical speculum fee is in addition to the nurse cervical smear charge
As of 30.6.15 we will not be performing immigration medical examinations.
Adults >24 consult fee is $44 and ACC visits are $42 (material charges in addition)
$8 admin fee applies to non payment on the day.