Medical consultations

We have doctors with a broad range of expertise. Other than catering for the usual general medical and accident consultations, we have doctors with interests in women’s health, children’s health, men’s health, hypnosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and corporate health.

Our consultation time is normally for fifteen minutes however if you intend to bring up more than one issue, we would advise booking a longer period ie 30 minutes for a smear and breast check, or a repeat of your script plus another medical issue you would like to discuss.

Other services provided include: 

  1. Free diabetes check annually to those with diabetes (conditions apply)
  2. Surgery: we perform surgery on a regular basis. We deal with skin cancers, ingrown toenails, skin tags, moles, sebaceous glands, and lipomas.
  3. Insurance medical examinations
  4. Diving Medical Examinations  
Nurse Services

We have experienced nurses to help provide you with personal health care. Some services/tests provided include:

  • Childhood vaccinations. Currently injections are given at six weeks, three months, five months, fifteen months and four years of age. Please visit the Immunisation Advisory Centre website for up to date reliable information as this may answer many of your questions you may have about immunising your child. 
  • Travel advice can be given however a doctor’s consultation is also required to prescribe medications. 
  • Blood taking. We provide a free limited blood taking service.
  • Liquid nitrogen is available everyday for treatment of warts, and sun damaged skin. Our nurse can apply liquid nitrogen once your skin has been seen by a doctor at a separate consultation. 
  • Blood pressure checks. 
  • Free Annual Diabetes Check to diabetic patients (conditions apply).  
  • Cervical smear taking. 
  • Wound dressings. 
  • Discussion about blood results if required, and lifestyle issues advice. Please call in the afternoon for the results as this is a more convenient time for the nurse.
  • Electrocardiography (ECG).
Repeat Prescriptions

You will generally need to see a doctor for a repeat of your prescription to ensure your clinical safety. The doctor has a medico-legal responsibility to ensure that appropriate prescribing and the necessary investigations are current to help in the monitoring of the safety of your medications as well as ensure age appropriate screening is discussed.

Our practice policy is for you to call the nurse and to allow 24 hours for a script to be available. Scripts can be faxed or mailed though will incur an additional charge.


Surgical Procedures

We perform a wide variety of surgical procedures on a regular basis which include excision of suspicious moles, melanomas, other skin cancers (basal cell carcinomas, squamous cell cancers), sebaceous glands, lipomas and ingrown toenails.

You will need a consultation by a doctor prior to scheduling the procedure. Generally, the price range is affordable –see fees.

Liquid nitrogen is available everyday for treatment of warts, sun damaged skin and small skin tags.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

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Travel Health

Our nurses and doctors can give you advice, prescribe medications, and administer vaccinations prior to your travel overseas.

Is adviseable you book an appointment with the doctor at least six weeks prior to your trip.

Please advise reception if you would like to have a travel consultation as this generally takes at least 15 minutes and cannot be combined with a general consultation. Feel free to look at the following link CDC Travel Health for information prior to your visit.It would be helpful that you fax or email your interary of your travel plans prior to your visit.We do not administer the yellow vaccine.